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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to modify and edit the contract templates?

Yes! We’ve created each template with an editable Word doc version. As part of our template kits, you’ll receive an annotated PDF that lays out exactly what each section of the agreement is used for. It also tells you where to edit and modify your agreement. To help even more, we’ve also included a video that will walk you through each section. We recommend either reviewing the annotation or watching the video BEFORE you begin editing your template. 

Can I preview a template before I buy it?

No. However, we have included a comprehensive description with each of our templates. If you’re still unsure about which templates you need, please reach out to us - we’re happy to help:

What is included with each template kit?

We’re so glad you asked! Our template kits include an editable Word document, an annotated PDF and a video walk-through training. In the annotation and video training, you’ll learn what each section of the agreement is for and what needs to be modified and edited by you. 

With every template purchase, you receive one license to use. Do not share these files with anyone else or let them “login” to review the content of these files. Breach of this will result in legal action. 

If I purchase a template and don’t end up using it, can I get a refund?

No, all sales are final. When you purchase any of our products - templates or courses - you get immediate access to the content, downloads, training materials, etc. Therefore, we cannot offer refunds under any circumstances. 

That said, if you’re unsure about which templates or courses you need, please reach out to us - we’re happy to help:

Can these templates be used in any state or country?

State, yes. Country, no. All of our contracts and clauses are U.S. based and should only be used if you live in the United States. That said, our templates are drafted with language general enough that they can be used in any state. 

Can someone review and or write my contracts for me?

For an additional fee, yes. Please reach out to our team at and let us know what you’re looking for. We’d be happy to review and or draft your contracts for you.

What if I need 1-on-1 legal advice? Can you help me?

Yes! Please reach out to our team at and let us know what you’re looking for help with.

I’d like to become a shop affiliate. How do I go about doing that?

We’re so honored that you’d like to be a shop affiliate. Please click here to review all the details or send us an email at to start the conversation.