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Terms & Conditions for Digital Products Kit

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If you’re selling digital products on your website, know this - you need to make your terms and conditions accessible and require purchasers to review and agree to these terms prior to completing their online purchase.

Here’s why … a more informed customer means fewer emails to answer, less legal liability, and smoother transactions all around. Plus, having these terms and conditions front and center means you’ll likely have fewer chargebacks and complaints - cuz it gives you a way to manage customer expectations. 

Not only that, it allows you to lay out things like:

  • how payments are processed
  • what your refund policy is
  • shipping details
  • what’s included with their purchase AND what isn’t
  • clauses that protect your intellectual property, liability, privacy, non-disclosure and purchaser responsibility
  • termination of use

… and much more. 

Simply copy and paste these terms and conditions on your website, sales pages, checkout pages, etc, and then make sure purchasers read them by requiring them to check a box and verify they’ve read them. 

That’s it - it’s that easy!