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Refund Policy Swipe File

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Do You Have Your Refund Policy in Place?

I gotta know … have you ever had a client slide into your inbox and ask for a refund a couple of months after they’ve started into your 6-month group coaching program?

Or worse, have they stuck it out for the whole 6-months only to ask for a full refund AFTER the program has ended?


I know you might be thinking … Does this sort of thing really happen? It does, unfortunately. And it’s why having a clear refund policy is so important.

Here’s what you need to know about refunds … it’s up to you whether you offer them or not, BUT you need to make it clear to your customers what your policy is BEFORE they purchase something from you. 

So for instance, some businesses opt to give their customers a 100% refund if they’re not satisfied with a product or service. 

Others might give you a 30-60 day window to request a refund.

And others still might choose to offer no refund at all (which is common with digital, instant-download products, fyi).

But regardless of where you are on the to-refund or not-to-refund matter, you need to state your policy on your website, in your contracts, and on your sales and checkout pages.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to do that is to grab this Refund Policy Swipe File for $27 and copy and paste the policy of your choosing to any or all of the above.

It’s that simple. Seriously, we’re talking 5-minutes or less.