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Monetize Your Content. Expand Your Reach.

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As a content creator, you’re always looking for ways to share your content with the masses. In fact, you’ve been jumping at every chance you can get to have your content featured in someone else’s course, distributed to someone else’s list, or shared live during an interview or virtual summit. 

The trouble is, even though the exposure is great, you’re not getting paid for lending out your content AND you’ve realized that there’s nothing stopping those people who graciously shared your content from using it for themselves. 

That’s why learning how to effectively license your content is so important. 

When you do, it’ll…

  • Let people know that just because you’re letting them share your content, they don’t own it. Think of those free photo sites where you can download an image and use it, BUT you can’t resell said image. This is the same thing.
  • Allow you to set the parameters for how your content will be used, what will be done if it’s misused, how long the license will last, and how much you’ll be paid.