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IP Protection Bundle

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Learn everything you need to know about copyrights and trademarks. With the Copyright Guide and Trademark Guide, you get everything I teach in my courses condensed into PDF form.

Inside these guides, I’ll walk you through things like:

  • What a copyright is, what it protects and what it doesn’t
  • How copyrights differ from trademarks
  • Why copyrights and trademarks are so important for securing your bottom line
  • How you go about protecting your content for the long haul
  • How to avoid potential pitfalls like not having a work for hire agreement if you’re working with contractors

And I’ll even take you through the exact steps you need to take screenshot-by-screenshot to file your own application for a copyright and or trademark. {This alone can save you thousands of dollars!} 💰💰💰

And I’m also throwing in my best tips and practices for those applications, too! So they’ll have an even better chance of being approved. 🙌🏽