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Copywriter's Bundle

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Designed with the Copywriting Professional in mind, this bundle includes everything you need to keep your protect yourself and your profits, PLUS show your clients that you take your copywriting business seriously.
Here's what you get: 
  • Consent & Release for Copywriters
  • Client Copywriting Agreement

A Consent & Release Agreement for Copywriters should be used whenever you want to use a client’s photograph, video, written testimonial, appearance and or likeness for any commercial purpose (e.g. on your website, on social media, on promotional materials, etc.)

So for instance, let’s say, you’ve just wrapped up a project with a client and you want to share some of the copy you wrote for them along with a testimonial from them. Before you do that, you want to have your client sign a consent and release agreement ... and here’s why:

  • It protects you from being sued if that client were to come back and say you didn’t have permission to share the copy you’d written (they do own it now) or their testimonial.
  • The client knows up front that you might showcase some of the copy you wrote for them and also feature their testimonial. Therefore, they know you’re using these things for commercial purposes. And they also know that they’re not being compensated for use of these things.

A Client Copywriting Agreement is a must-have for copywriters who provide one-on-one copywriting services. This easily customizable template helps you:

  • Get paid on time (and know what to do when you don’t!)
  • Manage client expectations
  • Protect your valuable intellectual property and explains how/if copyright ownership is transferred to the client
  • Confidently put an end to client relationships that just aren’t a good fit
  • Reduce the risk of frivolous lawsuits
  • Clearly define the scope of your services, and prevent clients from demanding more than what they’ve paid for