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Contracts for Coaches Bundle

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Get Your Client Contracts Done and Dusted, Bundle Style

I don’t know about you, but when I close a coaching client for 1-1 coaching, a group coaching/membership program, or a VIP day, I get them to sign a Coaching Agreement BEFORE I collect any money or pop the bubbly.

Why? Because a Coaching Agreement is your best friend. It’s that lil’ legal doc that protects you when ...

👉 a client bails 3-months into a 6-month coaching program and expects a FULL refund
👉 a client thinks it’s cool to publicly blame and shame and posts a negative rant about you on social media
👉 a client flat out steals your content - copy, worksheets, the whole shebang - and then expects that to be a-ok

For these reasons and more, you always want to get the terms of a coach-client relationship in writing so that both of you know what’s expected of each other before any money changes hands.

So where do you start? How to do you, a non-lawyer, write a legally binding contract?

You don’t, or at least you don’t have to.

I mean, you can certainly pick through Google and piece together the basics of a client contract … but will it have the necessary clauses and sections specifically for your program/services? Doubtful.

That’s why I recommend skipping Google, and grabbing this done and dusted contract bundle instead, which includes the three most important Coaching Contracts you’ll need:

✔ a standard Client Coaching Agreement
✔ a Group Coaching/Membership Agreement
✔ a VIP Day Coaching Agreement

Get yours for $997.

And the best part … you don’t just get a bundle of templates and get sent on your way.

No, you get a bundle of templates AND an annotated version of each agreement complete with a video tutorial to walk you through each section. That way you should have no question about which clauses to use or when to use them. 💃