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Before You Self-Publish

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When it comes to publishing, you’ve got two options: go the traditional route and find a publishing house to publish your book OR publish it yourself. 

Going the traditional route can take years, and even then, the chances of being published are slim. Plus, you lose creative control and receive fewer royalties. That’s why so many authors are choosing to self-publish instead. 

The only problem is, when you go the self-publishing route, you take on the potential liability that comes with not knowing the legal issues associated with publishing.

Since most authors aren’t lawyers, this workshop is designed to give you the legal guidance you need to protect your intellectual property, safely control your work and avoid costly legal battles. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:  

  • How to set up and structure your book as a business.
  • A “plain English” breakdown of key contract provisions in traditional publishing contracts (in case you choose to go that route).
  • Must-have contract language to use when hiring freelancers (editors, designers, etc.).
  • Key intellectual property issues that come up when self-publishing.
  • When and why you need to get permissions and release forms and how to use real people in your book without getting sued.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go!